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Community Spotlight

7/24/2012 - The Grand Opening of the "Yes We Can" Community Center

A 60,000 square foot, United States Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Certified Platinum-rated “green energy” center is a two-storied, cutting-edge facility employing energy saving technologies, including:
• a closed-loop geothermal heating/cooling system
• a south-facing solar wall for preheated ventilation
• 13,000 square feet of photovoltaic panels
• a solar hot-water heat exchange system...... Advancing the New Cassel Community Vision
• daytime interior light dimming and occupancy sensors
• Energy Star equipment for all appliances
• hybrid/pure-electric vehicle recharging stations
• a grey water system (for secondary water re-use)
• light wells to most basement spaces to allow natural daylight to lower levels
• roof rainwater harvesting for on-site community gardening
• use of recycled building materials manufactured locally, and
• computerized energy performance management/monitoring.
Among the amenities that the facility will have, include: a gymnasium/auditorium with retractable bleacher seating, performance stage, sound and lighting features; upstairs multi-purpose spaces with warming kitchen/food serving area; computer training labs; cyber-café, canteen space, vending area, and pantry; administrative office spaces; seniors meeting space/lounge; television studio space and appurtenant technical/editing rooms; reading rooms; game room; downstairs workout area, cardiovascular training area, dance studio, locker rooms and showers; town-wide emergency management center; and code enforcement offices. The over-$20 million facility will be one of the highest-performance energy-efficient community center structures in the nation, and will be a focal point for community-based programs in New Cassel.