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Community Spotlight

4/28/2018 - Artist Bumpcasso's Barack Obama Series Featured at the "Yes We Can" Community Center

“The President Barack Obama Series” by Steve Hill who’s known in the art world as Bumpcasso, will be on display for the entire month of May at The Town of North Hempstead’s “Yes We Can” Community Center in Westbury, NY.  Bumpcasso’s work features portraits of Barack Obama during his presidency.  It includes eleven paintings with oils, watercolors, clay, and wood.

                Bumpcasso’s illustrious work emphasizes the impact and history behind the naming of the “Yes We Can” Community Center.  As Obama inspired the public with his 2008 Presidential slogan “Yes We Can”, Bumpcasso’s exhibit will further empower our community. Come to the “Yes We Can” Community Center to see his wonderful works of art!

Left to Right: Manager and Wife Rhonda Montriel, Artist: Steve "Bumpcasso" Hill, Councilwoman Viviana Russell