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Community Spotlight

5/31/2019 - "Roll-In" of the Carle Place Cherry Lane Bridge

The rolling in of the Carle Place Cherry Lane Bridge commenced on May 31st. This marked the beginning of the end to the nuisances, inconveniences and disruptions to the surrounding community.From noise, communication mishaps, to road closures and detours, this entire project has undeniably caused great concern and has roused many complaints from the residents of the Carle Place community and the Town.


Being up close watching all of the coordination between 3TC, all of the trade unions and workers and the Long Island Railroad/MTA, gives a different perspective into the hard work that has gone into this project. I watched with a bird's-eye view the precision and skill that is necessary to ensure the safety of not only the commuters but most importantly the residents, those that travel under and around this bridge and the community of Carle Place at large. Many of the residents in Carle Place that came out to watch the old bridge being dismantled and this monstrosity of the new bridge being rolled in, for the most part, had positive comments and a positive outlook for the project. Crews were left to join the existing tracks on both the east and west sides to the new bridge, fill in ballast and restore power to the tracks. As well as reestablish the roadbed, all in time for service to be restored and the roadways to be open this morning.



Now that the bridge has been rolled in and this pinnacle of the project is near completion our residents will once again have access to their streets and we can collectively move forward addressing some of the other concerns and benefits that this project brings.