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Community Spotlight

4/29/2011 - Earth/Arbor Day Celebration 2011

Earth Day is a 41 year old event that was started by Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator in 1971.  The mission for Earth Day was to create a cohesive knowledge and appreciation about every individuals affect on the planet we all share. Today this event is globally recognized and wonderful events are put together by communities to help realize the goal of 100% Earth protection awareness.  These events include recycling drives, teach-ins, and rallies.  Here in Westbury, Drexel Ave School held and assembly where around 300 children sat Indian style while there classmates sang and danced encouraging everyone to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!  Councilwoman Viviana Russell stopped in and talked to kids about the importance of recycling to her and what efforts she has made to take care of the Earth.  In Westbury Hills a collaborate effort was made to clean up the community! At Park Avenue School the children and Councilwoman Russell planted a tree together.  UNCCRC hosted a clean up that many children in Westbury took part joined by Councilwoman Russell.  The children also planted in numerous location flowers that are sure to be not only aesthetically appealing but also improve air quality and encourage taking care of the Earth we live in! At Westbury High School a tree was proudly planted to contribute to a more green place to live and thrive in!