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Fridays, 10 am to Noon on WCWP – 88.1 FM

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Date Listen Schedule Download Guest Subject
04/06/12 Schedule Download Lisanne Altmann REAP (Residential Energy Action Program) & other energy savings
Vincent J. McManus, CFI, JFIS Fire Safety& Prevention
Lux Radio Theater The Front Page Part I
(Week 2)
Janet Entine PI Programs
04/20/12 Schedule Download Bianca Nunez Health and Welfare Council: Nutrition Outreach and Education Program
Tracey Kuczinski
Dawn Friedland-Perez
The Golden Guide
Jane Marino Great Neck Library Services for Seniors
Lux Radio Theater The Front Page Part I
(Week 3)
Dr. Ann Plotkin Low Vision and Seniors
04/27/12 Schedule Download Lisa Abbey Skin Care Tips for Seniors
Ronna Telsey Great Neck Adult Ed Programs
Lux Radio Theater Stella Dallas Act I
Claudia Poglianich Pedestrian Safety