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North Hempstead Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth


Judi Bosworth took office in 2014, as the 37th Supervisor of the Town North Hempstead, following six years with the Nassau County Legislature as the representative for the 10th District and 16 years as a trustee of the Great Neck School District Board of Education. She also served as Special Projects Coordinator for former Assemblyman Thomas P. DiNapoli. Supervisor Bosworth was re-elected to her fourth two-year term in November 2019.

Throughout her career in public service, Supervisor Bosworth has forged strong bipartisan relationships with federal, state, town, village, and school officials. Her leadership style has always been one of inclusion and consensus building, whether working with her colleagues in government, or the residents she represents.

Throughout her terms she has shown a strong commitment to fiscally conservative budgeting that stays under the State-mandated tax cap, whether it be by reducing debt or saving tax payer dollars whenever possible. This has resulted in the Town’s first-ever Triple A bond rating by Moody’s for the past two years, the highest bond rating possible that a municipality can obtain. The Supervisor is committed to finding effective and efficient ways to save money without reducing services for residents. The Town has also been recognized by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) of the United States and Canada for its commitment to strong fiscal practices for eight consecutive years.

From the start, Supervisor Bosworth has made a concerted effort to make North Hempstead government more accessible to the public and to enhance public participation in meetings. She spearheaded two significant changes in Town Board procedures by moving the public comment portion to the beginning of Town Board meetings, rather than having residents wait until the end of the meeting to speak about matters that are important to them. In addition, Town Board meetings are now live-streamed on the Town website, which also provides a comprehensive report of all payments made by the Town by year and vendor, and interactive financial and budget reports called Open Checkbook, powered by OpenGov. The Supervisor’s commitment to transparency in government also includes voting on the Town’s budget before Election Day.

Supervisor Bosworth has also led a slate of ethics and procurement reforms to ensure that employees and anyone doing business with the Town are all held to the highest ethical standard. The code provisions require public disclosure of any perceived conflict of interest by Town employees among other important changes. The Town also has an anti-nepotism law to prevent any situations where Town employees might supervise relatives. To reform procurement, the Supervisor created a professional purchasing division, which has simplified bid documents, reached out to women and minority vendors, and greatly expanded the universe of vendors used by the Town, to help the Town receive the best services and goods at competitive prices.

During her career in public office, Supervisor Bosworth has been committed to safeguarding our environment. She has been a staunch advocate of protecting the area’s waterways and drinking water and an outspoken opponent of New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection’s proposed plan to re-open the Jamaica Wells, which would extract up to 68 million gallons of water per day. She emphatically believes that we are all guardians of Long Island’s water and it is our duty to protect the waterways and oppose measures that can have seriously negative impacts to our drinking water for years to come. Supervisor Bosworth is also committed to educating the public about ways to protect our environment. This includes teaching residents about the importance of combating nitrogen pollution in local waters by using less fertilizers and keeping stormwater runoff clean. In 2017, the Town launched an educational campaign to help people connect that what goes into the storm drains also goes into our waterways. The storm water awareness campaign, called “Only Rain in the Drain,” includes rain-activated slogans on sidewalks and a public service announcement. Also, under her leadership, the Town unanimously passed legislation that prohibits All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) on Town property in order to stop environmental damage caused by ATVs to undeveloped land, including fragile wetlands, and wildlife habitats. Supervisor Bosworth has been a leader in many other innovative environmental projects, including finding new ways to control disease ridden insects without the use of pesticides by installing bat boxes in our parks as natural mosquito control and raising and releasing quails into the Town’s wooded areas as a natural way to combat ticks. The Town’s unique monofilament fishing line receptacles initiative, which helps reduce plastics in the waterways, was recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 2 with the 2016 Environmental Champion Award.

One of the Supervisor’s proudest accomplishments to date was the passage of Tobacco 21 legislation in spring of 2017. Tobacco 21 prohibits the sale of tobacco products, liquid nicotine and electronic cigarettes to anyone under the age of 21 in order to deter adolescents and young adults from using tobacco and related products. North Hempstead joined New York City and Suffolk County as the first local municipalities to raise the age to 21.

Supervisor Bosworth has focused on public works and capital improvement projects for the Town, to ensure that the infrastructure of North Hempstead is maintained for the health, safety and welfare of its residents. Under her leadership, the visioning process and re-design of the Town’s 90-acre North Hempstead Beach Park has begun with a series of community meetings to gather input from residents. Hand in hand with this, Supervisor Bosworth partnered with Concerned Long Island Mountain Bicyclists (C.L.I.M.B.) to begin the construction of approximately five miles of mountain bicycle and hiking trails in the Town’s Hempstead Harbor Nature Sanctuary, 200 wooded acres across the road from North Hempstead Beach Park. The Town’s newest green space, Alvan O. Petrus Park, was opened in Port Washington, making it the 53rd Town park. She has successfully lobbied federal representatives in Washington, D.C. for much-needed Sandy recovery funds to address several critical rebuilding projects in the Town, such as the restoration of the Town Dock, the resilient rebuilding of bulkheads and seawalls, and the aquatic sand removal in Hempstead Harbor and several ponds in the area. As of 2017, the Town has been awarded more than $50 million in state and federal grants.

In 2014 she made it a priority to re-establish the Town's Veterans Advisory Committee (VAC). The committee consists of veterans who represent various communities across the Town of North Hempstead. They have helped to implement a donation drive for veterans, a veterans discount program, free and discounted parking at Town facilities and more. One of the biggest accomplishments of the committee was to call for funding for a Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) in North Hempstead in order to offer easily accessible medical access to all veterans in North Hempstead. In late summer of 2018 Supervisor Bosworth announced that the Northport VA will be placing a mobile unit in the Town until a more permanent COB can be established.
Supervisor Bosworth believes that everyone should be treated equally, no matter his or her ethnicity, race, religious background, or gender identity. Under her administration, the Town added new language to an anti-discrimination law that included the term “gender identification” as a protected class.

Supervisor Bosworth and the Town are involved in the “Not In Our Town” program, a national initiative that has inspired hundreds of communities in the United States and around the world to take action against hate. The Supervisor has enthusiastically supported this initiative and continues to stress the importance of never remaining silent to hate and intolerance.

Supervisor Bosworth created the Disability Advisory Committee in 2016, which has since provided the Town with valuable input on different programs for residents with disabilities. The Town has extended its Project Independence Taxi Ride program to include free or discounted taxi rides to residents with disabilities. Beach access pathway mats have been installed at all of the Town beaches. These initiatives are just representative of Supervisor Bosworth’s initiatives to improve the quality of community life for residents with disabilities. The committee is exploring housing options for individuals with disabilities.

In recognition of her strong advocacy and work on behalf of the community, Supervisor Bosworth has received the 2016 Leadership Award from the Long Island Federation of Labor; the inaugural Diana Coleman Award for Leadership from the Long Island Progressive Coalition; a 2014 Women of the Year Award from the South Asian American Women’s Alliance; a 2014 award for Leadership and Dedication from the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin; New York State Senate Woman of Distinction Award from former Senator Michael Balboni; the Trailblazer of the New Millennium by the Nassau County Legislature; the George Carr Humanitarian Award by the Lions Club of Great Neck; the Great Neck Arts Center’s Inspiration Award and she was named to the Town of North Hempstead’s May W. Newburger Women’s Roll of Honor.

A former New York City Public School elementary teacher, Supervisor Bosworth received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Early Childhood Education from City University of New York at Queens College. The Supervisor and her husband, Dr. Jay Bosworth, reside in Great Neck. They have two adult children, Brian, a physician, and Michael, an attorney. Brian and his wife Lauren, an attorney, have two children, Andrew Benjamin and Robin Elizabeth.

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