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Fall Theatre Arts Programs Offered at Gold Coast Arts Center
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Fall Theatre Arts Programs Offered at Gold Coast Arts Center
Acting and Music Theatre Classes Bring the Joy of Stage Performance to Kids 6yrs and Up this September-December!

North Hempstead, NY – Town of North Hempstead Supervisor Judi Bosworth and the Town Board would like to remind residents that the Gold Coast Arts Center will continue its fun and educational Broadway classes this fall. New classes such as “Introduction to Acting: Become a Musical Theatre Star” for ages 7+, “Broadway Bound Children’s Theatre” for ages 9-14, and “Broadway Bound Junior Children’s Theatre” for ages 6-8, will teach the students through singing, dancing, and acting how to portray a cohesive, moving story.

As a child grows and begins to explore their interests and develop their talents, what better way is there to harness their curiosity than through the fun and educational experience of live performance? In “Introduction to Acting” (September 18th-December 18th), children aged 7 and up will use various methods and techniques to help them tell a cohesive story as they sing Musical Theatre songs. Becoming acquainted with terms like “beats,” “tactics,” and “obstacles,” they’ll demonstrate their skills in a showcase featuring ensemble numbers, solos, and duets! In “Broadway Bound Children’s Theatre” (September 22nd-December 22nd), children aged 9-14 will get the “grand Broadway experience” while being taught advanced acting, singing, and dancing in a production of “King Midas and the Golden Touch” where King Midas is punished for his greed when being granted a wish for the Golden Touch. And in “Broadway Bound Junior Children’s Theatre” (September 16th-December 23rd), an introduction into the Broadway experience will similarly teach acting, singing, and dancing to children aged 6-8 in a fun-filled production of “Stone Soup”.

But what musical theatre performance can truly come to fruition without the help and guidance of accomplished acting, voice, choreography, and dance instructors?

Instructors include:

Jonathan Palmiotti (Acting and Vocal Instructor for “Introduction to Acting”).

Tina Lama (Piano Accompanist and Vocal Instructor for “Introduction to Acting”).

Robert Hoffman (Acting and Vocal Instructor for “Broadway Bound Children’s Theatre” and “Broadway Bound Junior Children’s Theatre”).

Jennifer Stathes (Choreographer and Dance Instructor for “Broadway Bound Children’s Theatre”).

Megan Clancy (Choreographer and Dance Instructor for “Broadway Bound Junior Children’s Theatre”).

With so much to offer through acting and musical theatre, any child is sure to have a fun and engaging learning experience at the Gold Coast Arts Center this Fall! NOW OPEN FOR FALL REGISTRATION 2015 CLASSES!

For more information on Gold Coast Arts Center’s Fall Theatre Arts Program, call 516-829-2570, or Visit: goldcoastarts.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/2015_-v8-2015single.pdf

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