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North Hempstead Paves Way with New Eco-Friendly Asphalt Material

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March 17, 2009                                                                                       516-869-7794



North Hempstead Paves Way with Eco-Friendly Asphalt Material


New Hyde Park, NY—In the continuing mission to green North Hempstead, Supervisor Jon Kaiman and the North Hempstead Town Board announced that the Town will be using an eco-friendly asphalt material to fill potholes and repair local roads instead of the conventional diesel fuel and petroleum-based product.


Conventional pothole filler, experts contend, poses a health threat to humans and animals as well as marine and plant life and the environment.


“With North Hempstead’s expansive waterways, the prospect of preserving marine life—particularly clams and other mollusks—and making the air safer for residents, switching to this plant-based product is the right thing to do environmentally,” Supervisor Kaiman said.


North Hempstead, which consists of more than 300 miles of roadways, repaired close to 800 pot holes in 2008.


“With the onset of pothole season combined with North Hempstead’s emphasis to protecting and preserving our environment, this new eco-friendly asphalt is a win-win situation,” said Councilman Angelo P. Ferrara.


Cofire Industries, Inc. of Flushing, Queens, developed, manufactures and distributes the product under the name of GreenPatch. Company officials said GreenPatch uses biodegradable, organic, renewable, plant-based solvents, instead of diesel and petroleum derivatives used in conventional cold mix. This green alternative is unprecedented in the asphalt industry because it is the only cold mix patching material that does not use diesel and other petroleum solvents.

"Supervisor Kaiman and the Town of North Hempstead should be commended for their progressive leadership in being among the first municipalities in New York State to abandon the use of conventional cold mix in favor of this green alternative," said Glenn Shapiro, who heads product development at Cofire Industries.

"They are truly making an impact on human health and preserving the environment of North Hempstead. We are hopeful that other municipalities in Nassau and Suffolk will follow their lead," Shapiro added.


This demonstration is part North Hempstead’s 2009 Go Green campaign which is designed to encourage, educate and entice residents to join in the Town’s comprehensive environmental undertaking and at the same time maintain the Town’s exceptional quality of life, rated by CNN Money Magazine as one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live in America.






With the new eco-friendly paving material in the background stand (L to R) Councilman Robert Troiano, Town Clerk Leslie Gross, Councilwoman Lee Seeman, Supervisor Jon Kaiman, Councilwoman Maria-Christina Poons, Councilman Angelo Ferrara, Head of Product Development at CoFire Industries Glenn Shapiro, and Nassau/Suffolk County Sales & Marketing Rep. Scott Herman


The new eco-friendly paving material, GreenPatch, (shown above) does not use any petroleum or diesel derivatives but rather is created from biodegradable, organic, renewable and plant-based solvents.









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