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The Office of the Receiver of Taxes is pleased to announce that beginning June 1, 2022, we will have a new system for accepting online tax payments (credit cards, debit cards and ACH checks) through the Town of North Hempstead website.

We will continue to accept E-Checks and major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover).  Additionally, we will also be accepting Master Card and Visa debit card payments.

E-Checks with a flat fee of $1.75 (reduced from a flat fee of $2.00) *

Major credit cards with a fee of 2.30% of the total transaction (reduced from 2.35%) *

Debit cards with a fee of $3.95 per transaction *

Why are we making this change?

Our vendor of 15 Years is exiting the credit card processing business to concentrate on other areas of business. They will continue to support our office’s transition to a new electronic payment processor.

What was the process in finding a new vendor?

The Office of the Receiver of Taxes, in conjunction with the Purchasing Department of the Town, developed a detailed listing of requirements needed to better service our taxpayers.  Multiple proposals from qualified Electronic Payment Processors were received.  After careful consideration and review, it was determined that CSG Forte offered the best solution.

Who is our new Electronic Payment Provider?

With over 20 years of experience, CSG Forte offers the platform and expertise to assist us in accepting and managing payments more efficiently.  Their platform seamlessly adapts to meet evolving needs, while reducing complexity and cutting costs. With their experience, world-class technology, and vast ecosystem of partners, they have the capacity to process the level of transactions needed by our office and the taxpayers.  CSG Forte’s Payments Platform-as-a-Service is used by more than 81,000 merchants and organizations across a variety of industries and government operations.

We are in Good Company!!

The Town of North Hempstead is already a client of CSG Forte and they are well known to our IT Department.  They are currently being used by the Town Clerk’s office, the Building Department, the Animal Shelter, and Parks and Recreation.  For this reason, we feel confident that there will be a smooth transition.

Setting Up Your Account

We have a new payment processor, you must set up a new account! Please click here for instructions on setting up a new account. To find your property, you will be asked to enter your tax bill account number. Your Account Number can be found on the top right-hand corner of your tax bill. Please enter your account number without the letter “G”. If you need assistance in registering your account, please call the Tax Office (516) 869-7800.

*   New York General Municipal Law requires people paying their property taxes by credit card to also pay the fees associated with the payment transaction.  The fees go directly to the company managing our online payments, not to The Town of North Hempstead.  The vendor keeps a fraction of the fees, with the remainder split between the credit card companies and payment processors.  The Town does not profit from this service.



* As of June 1, 2022, all unpaid 2021/2022 School Taxes with penalties and fees are payable to the Nassau County Treasurer, One West Street, Mineola, NY 11501. For further information regarding paying delinquent taxes, please call (516) 571-2090. Your 2022/2023 School Taxes will be available here on October 1, 2022.