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About Taxi Licenses

One of the town clerk's most important responsibilities is the licensing of taxicab companies and drivers in the Town of North Hempstead's unincorporated areas. 

In order for a taxi company to receive a Town of North Hempstead license, the owner of the facility and the drivers of the taxicabs must undergo a Department of Motor Vehicle Check (DMV) as well as be fingerprinted under the direction and supervision of the Town Clerk, as determined by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice. The license is renewed on an annual basis. 

For your safety, please use only licensed taxi and livery cars

Make sure the taxi cab has a North Hempstead license medallion on its left rear bumper. 
Make sure the taxi driver has a Town of North Hempstead license. 
Use the Town of North Hempstead taxi stands. Avoid taxi drivers who solicit passengers or "hawk" their cabs from the platform, as this is illegal in the town. 
Taxi cabs are forbidden to cruise the streets of North Hempstead for a fare, rather they must be dispatched from their base or operate from a taxi stand. 
Report taxicabs that are not clean and of good appearance. 
Report rude or inappropriate behavior. 

The Town Clerks office works closely with our licensed taxi cab companies in the town to insure the best, safest service for our residents. 

Please use only licensed taxi companies and licensed taxi drivers in the Town for your own safety.

Please call my office at (516) 869-7646 with any of the above concerns.

Richard Schriever, Driver-Deluxe Taxi, showing driver's license and taxi medallion.