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Peddlers and Solicitors

Any person or company that wishes to peddle or solicit within the Town of North Hempstead must first obtain a valid Peddlers License.  This includes any employer that hires a person to peddle or solicit on his behalf.  

Once a Peddler License has been obtained, it must be in possession at all times when peddling or soliciting, and must be shown when asked at any time.

No peddler or solicitor shall have any exclusive right to any location in any public place, nor shall any be permitted to stand in one (1) place for more than fifteen (15) minutes or to stop within two hundred (200) feet of a previous stop, nor shall he be permitted to operate in any congested area where his operation might impede or inconvenience the public. For the purpose of this local law, the judgment of any police officer, exercised in good faith, shall be deemed conclusive as to whether the area is congested or the public impeded or inconvenienced.  

Licenses issued under the provisions of this local law may be revoked by the Town Clerk of the Town of North Hempstead after notice and hearing for any of the following causes:  

  1. Fraud, misrepresentation or false statement contained in the application for license.  
  2. Fraud, misrepresentation or false statement made in the course of carrying on his business as peddler or solicitor.  
  3. Any violation of this local law.  
  4. Conviction of any crime or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.  
  5. Conducting the business of peddling in an unlawful manner or in such a manner as to constitute a breach of the peace or to constitute a menace to the health, safety or general welfare of the public.   
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