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Business Recovery COVID-19 Response Workgroup Initiatives

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Supervisor Bosworth established an internal Business Recovery COVID-19 Response Workgroup, which includes members of the Town Board, the Town Clerk and the Receiver of Taxes. This group has worked collaboratively on ideas that are suggested by community organizations, businesses, and individual residents with the goal of assisting local businesses during these challenging times.

Initiatives that the Town implemented include the following:

Social Media and PR Training Webinar:

Town of North Hempstead Supervisor Judi Bosworth and the Town Board were pleased to partner with Christina Daves, a publicity strategist from PR for Anyone, to host a free workshop designed to assist local small businesses with social media and PR training. The program, originally held on June 2, 2021, is available for viewing for those who were unable to attend live: click here.

Small Business Spotlight:

The Town’s Small Business Spotlight program showcases local businesses on the Town’s website and social media accounts. This includes their photo and business listing. The program is open to all businesses in the Town of North Hempstead. Businesses looking to participate in the Town’s Small Business Spotlight initiative can apply by visiting: For a complete listing of highlighted businesses visit:


The Town is proud to partner with local Chambers of Commerce to host the Shopopoly initiative, a game designed to further assist local businesses and to encourage shopping local. Participants can pick up game boards at local participating retailers. To find out more about the program with the Mineola Chamber of Commerce, New Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce, Westbury Carle Place Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce of the Willistons click here.

Outdoor Dining:

As reopening became a reality, it was imperative that the Town support our local restaurants by providing them with the necessary tools to set up temporary outdoor seating. The Town Board quickly authorized outdoor dining in private parking lots, on private property and on sidewalks, allowing residents to once again eat at their favorite restaurants.

Participating restaurants must first be issued a permit from the Town’s Building Department. The application for this permit can be found at:

Public Assembly and other uses:

The Town Board adopted a local law to temporarily allow certain businesses and organizations, including gyms, fitness centers, barbershops, hair salons, personal care services and religious institutions, to expand their operations into private parking lots after obtaining a permit.  The application for this permit can be found at:


The transition to outdoor dining was successful, as restaurants were able to open quickly and responsibly. They soon saw an increase in customers, so the Town Board adopted a local law to expand outdoor dining options to include parklets. This initiative allows participating restaurants to create parklets on the street in front of their businesses, which will permit parking spaces adjacent to storefronts to be used as outdoor dining areas. The program also gives restaurants the option to expand their outdoor dining service to the entire sidewalk provided a safe, and ramp accessible, pedestrian pathway is maintained within the parking lane.

The application for this permit can be found at:

“Lift Up Local” Road Closure:

The Town implemented its “Lift Up Local” outdoor dining and retail initiative designed to help local restaurants, food service establishments, and retail stores expand their operations outdoors by obtaining a road closure permit.

The application for this permit can be found at:

Lift Up Local Signs and Posters:

As part of the Town’s Lift Up Local initiative, billboard signs have been placed around Town reminding individuals to “Shop North Hempstead!” Similarly, posters have been made available to Chambers of Commerce and/or Business Improvement Districts with a more specific message reminding individuals to shop in a particular community.

To request Lift Up Local posters for your community, please contact Michael Anderson at:

Park Dining Zones:

The Town established Park Dining Zones in various parks around the Town, including Town Dock and Mary Jane Davies Green, to provide additional seating opportunities for individuals to take out food from local restaurants and dine in Town parks. These locations have a bulletin board featuring menus from local restaurants so residents can easily order from their favorite establishments.

Sidewalk Sale Permits:

The Town Board amended a provision of the Town Code to temporarily expand the number of sidewalk sale permits that may be issued for any given location during a 12 month period. Included in this is a temporary waiver of fees for a sidewalk sale permit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tent Permits:

The Town Board amended a provision of the Town Code to allow tents to remain in place for a maximum of 6 months, or as long as establishments are required to operate at reduced capacity due to Executive Orders from the Governor related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local Procurement Preference:

The Town Board adopted a local law that authorized the Town to award contracts for goods and services (subject to limitations required by New York State law) to a responder other than the lowest responsible responder where such responder is located within the County of Nassau.