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Natural Solutions and Resiliency

  • Conservation of trees- Trees provide many benefits like carbon dioxide removal, stormwater absorption, habitat for wildlife, windbreaks, and shade, which can lower cooling/heating costs. The Town is a Tree City USA Community and has a tree committee to manage tree resources. The Town also recently passed an amended strengthened tree code. For more information on tree conservation visit NorthHempsteadny.gov/Trees
  • Native Plantings- native plants have long root systems, which help to absorb carbon dioxide, as well as other air pollutants and stormwater. The Town is increasing its use of native plants in our park system. These plants are also drought tolerant and thereby save potable water. Click here to learn more.
  • Sustainable Landscaping- The Town strives to use sustainable landscaping practices on its properties including those that promote healthy soil, water conservation and protection, native plants, electric maintenance equipment and wildlife conservation. In spring of 2023, the Town held a training for its grounds keeping staff on these topics. They also hold annual free public workshops on Native Plant Gardening, Rain Gardens and Sustainable Yard care for residents and the general public. 
  • Cooling Centers- during extreme heat events the Town has cooling centers at Yes We Can Community Center, Tully Park and the Port Washington Senior Center. 
  • Hazard Mitigation Plan- Nassau County's Hazard Mitigation Plan emphasizes the identification and reduction of risks associated with natural hazards to increase community resilience. The North Hempstead plan can be found here