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The trend in government of employing a Performance Measurement and Management system to improve resource and personnel management has been adopted by North Hempstead. Through the management strategy known locally as TownStat, Town officials are monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of how we address constituents’ concerns. By tracking and reporting on our performance, and in turn making operational adjustments based on reliable data, we can make better decisions with respect to personnel, planning and budgeting, while also setting realistic goals and expectations for those of us both inside and outside Town Hall.

 TownStat has helped us establish a new level of objective accountability to North Hempstead residents. Among other things, we have improved the effectiveness of the Town’s 311 Call Center, the primary conduit between the Town and our constituents. In addition, we have shed light on how well we serve you and where to make improvements. TownStat, for example, can be used to give council members a snapshot of concerns that surface in their individual districts so they can better prioritize outreach efforts.

TownStat Data

Please click the following link to see the the total amount of Service Requests logged into 311 since its inception:

Please click on the following link to view monthly TownStat reports:


North Hempstead Receives Prestigious Award for 
Performance Management Successes 


The Town of North Hempstead recently was recognized for superior performance management efforts with a Certificate of Distinction from the ICMA Center for Performance Management. The ICMA (International City/County Management Association) is tasked with creating excellence in good local governance throughout the world. The certificate program asses a local government's performance management program which promotes cost reduction, program prioritzation, and quality improvement. 

To read the press release Click Here.

Did you know that in 2018:

• The 311 Call Center answered 168.710 calls from residents
• Through Project Independence’s Transportation Program, 4,329 Food Shopping and 11,326 Medical Appointment Trips were taken by PI members.
• 522 trees were trimmed and 275 tree stumps were removed by the Highway Department.
• At the Town’s Animal Shelter, 99 dogs adopted and 96 dogs reunited with their owners.
• The Building Department issued 5,634 permits.
• The Green Team collected 45,860 pounds of litter, both proactively and in response to 56 service request via the 311 Call Center.
• The Town’s S.T.O.P. (Stop Throwing Out Pollutants) program took in 42,615 pounds of solid hazardous materials and 14,495 gallons of hazardous materials

For more information on TownStat,  please call 311. From outside North Hempstead, dial (516) 869-6311.